Xifra Crypto Review – Is Xifra a Ponzi Scheme?

Xifra Crypto Review – Is Xifra a Ponzi Scheme? This Xifra Crypto review aims to shed some light on whether this is a legitimate binary residual commissions broker or a Ponzi scheme. In this article, I’ll outline the key differences between the two companies and how each one earns its commissions. Moreover, you’ll also learn about the binary bonus they offer. So, is Xifra Crypto really worth the money? Is it just another rip-off?

Xifra Lifestyle is a Ponzi scheme

The Xifra Lifestyle is a pyramid scheme. While a registered business must be regulated, Xifra is not. Instead, it focuses on recruitment, and offers no retail products or services. As a result, Xifra is a Ponzi scheme. There are several red flags that point to a pyramid scheme. In addition to the fact that it is not regulated, Xifra is a securities offering and, therefore, a Ponzi scheme.

Xifra Crypto
Xifra Crypto

First, Xifra claims to have external revenue streams from cannabis and bitcoin mining. However, when these revenue streams cease, new investments are not brought in. The company’s sales will collapse as new affiliates and investors are discouraged. In addition, Xifra Lifestyle’s website contains no information about registration with any securities commission. Thus, Xifra is not a legitimate company.

As a result, the Xifra Lifestyle is a fraudulent investment opportunity. It promises a 200% ROI on investment, but there are no real products or services to promote or sell. Rather, Xifra earns its money by recruiting more affiliates. It’s an obvious scam. But despite the negatives, Xifra’s operators continue to pay their current affiliates.

Xifra is a Ponzi scheme that has received fraud warnings from various government organizations. In Peru, the SBS (Peru’s financial agency) warns against money-raising schemes. Since Xifra is not registered with the SBS, there is no way to verify their claims. Further, Xifra’s reputation is tainted by the fact that CNBV hasn’t given it approval.

Xifra Lifestyle has a binary compensation plan that is difficult to predict. Its affiliates earn 8% referral commission and 2% investment commission. However, the compensation plans change over time. This is another red flag that makes it difficult to determine whether the Xifra Lifestyle is a Ponzi scheme. If you’re looking for a genuine opportunity, it’s best to avoid these bogus opportunities and move on to another one.

Xifra was founded in October 2019 and claims to have CBD plantations in Colorado and California. There is no website for the company, and the CEO speaks Spanish throughout the marketing video. George Goodman doesn’t have any other business ventures, so it’s possible he’s an actor. Moreover, Xifra’s corporate address is listed in Mexico. The marketing material targets South America, and it’s worth noting that the company’s headquarters are based in Costa Rica.

Xifra crypto is a binary residual commissions broker

Binary residual commissions brokers often have compensation plans that change over time. In most cases, the weaker leg is paid out first, then the other leg. However, Xifra Lifestyle has a unique compensation plan that pays a matching bonus commission based on your team’s residual commissions and member rank. This is particularly attractive as the compensation plan is highly variable. With a minimum investment of $100, you can earn a significant amount of money and still be a top affiliate within the company.

Xifra Lifestyle runs a twelve tiered rank structure. Depending on your investment level, you may be required to have a specific amount of investment downline or personally recruited affiliates to become the next level in the system. The Xifra Lifestyle affiliate program uses both unilevel and binary commissions structures to distribute payments. For example, if you recruit twenty people to join your downline, you’ll earn a percentage of the commissions each of them receives.

Xifra is a multi-level marketing program that offers CBD-infused products and an opportunity to earn money. Its plantations are located in Colorado and California, and its website is privately registered. While it mentions George Goodman as the company’s CEO, it doesn’t mention its team. Its website mentions Manuel Portugal and George Goodman, but there is no further information on the other members of the organization.

Xifra crypto earns commissions from binary residual commissions

Xifra pays out residual commissions based on a binary compensation plan. This means that you earn commissions from both your direct recruits and others who recruit them. In this system, your direct recruits are referred to as your first level. You can recruit more people through your first level, and new legs are created for them. Currently, there is no limit on the number of levels you can reach.

Xifra offers a variety of investment packages, with each one promising a daily ROI of between 0.5 and 2%. The program caps the ROI at 200% or 240% and pays out in Bitcoin. The platform also has a referral commission system, and the first level of investment earns 8%. The second level receives 2%. These are some of the main differences between Xifra and its competitors.

The Xifra LifeStyle offers a twelve tiered ranking structure. To become a member, you must invest $300 or more and recruit at least three other members. Once you recruit, Xifra will pay you a matching bonus on residual commissions. Xifra also allows you to recruit affiliates on your own level. You can also earn commissions if someone else joins the program. The Xifra lifestyle is a great opportunity for those who are looking to start earning passive income.

Xifra does not offer passive returns, and when the regulators catch up to them, they will be subject to securities fraud. Moreover, it does not offer a retail product, and its income stream will be derived solely from recruiting new members. If Xifra’s recruiting stops, the income stream will stop, and the company will likely make a quick exit.

Xifra crypto offers a binary bonus

Xifra promotes itself as a crypto trading platform, but its operations are essentially a pyramid scheme. It holds investor money for months, and then pays existing affiliates based on their investment. The collapse of the scheme will ultimately cost the investment of most new affiliates. Xifra’s operations are clearly fraudulent, but its operators are willing to compensate existing affiliates to attract as many new members as possible.

Xifra pays a binary bonus on referrals, depending on their initial level and rank. It also pays matching commissions on the residual commissions of the members they recruit. Affiliates earning the highest amount of matching commissions earn the most in this program, and Xifra does not set a maximum number of levels. Those who have reached the Executive level will begin earning matching commissions of 3% of their team’s residual commissions.

Affiliates can earn up to 12% on membership sales, depending on the strength of their affiliate team. Xifra’s binary compensation plan tends to change and is subject to change, but the affiliates who recruited new members were often awarded with incentives for recruitment. Xifra lifestyle requires a one-time $15 registration fee, and the affiliate can purchase any crypto plan. This bonus has no other costs other than commissions, but the company offers a wellness plan.

Xifra is a pyramid scheme that entices new members by promising a substantial return. When regulators catch up, they’ll likely be found guilty of securities fraud. Unlike most other MLMs, Xifra’s sole source of income is from new recruits. It doesn’t offer retail products or provide incentives to promote the product. As new recruits stop signing up, the income stream will cease and the owners will exit quickly.

Xifra lifestyle members wouldn’t be limited to a niche and would not be tied to one MLM. As such, they would have more opportunities to earn money. Sadly, the website doesn’t even provide detailed information on the various sectors. Instead, it displays a graph of trades. In addition, Xifra claims to generate ROI revenue through marijuana cultivation and business.

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