Rockwell Automation Finance Internship

Rockwell Automation Finance Internship. An unconventional internship at Rockwell Automation is a perfect opportunity to learn about different industries while working in a corporate environment. Finance internships at Rockwell Automation are not mundane, but instead allow you to explore your interests while learning valuable skills. This type of internship allows you to work alongside intelligent individuals right away, which is essential in the modern workplace. It also allows you to apply your knowledge in a hands-on setting and contribute to your company immediately.

Tough internship program

While the Rockwell Automation Finance internship program is difficult, the company is a great place to start your professional development. This 12-week internship program is open to college sophomores and juniors with a background in computer science, engineering, or software. Interns work with business leaders and are exposed to the latest hardware and software developments. Interns also get to network with luminaries and take part in community service events.

Rockwell Automation Finance Internship
Rockwell Automation Finance Internship

Alico’s experience

While interning at Rockwell Automation, Alico had the opportunity to work on projects that were both challenging and fulfilling. He studied database technologies, programming standards, and testing practices, and learned how to use the various job-specific tools in a more efficient manner. His experience also allowed him to become an ambassador for his college and to develop teamwork skills. He also helped to develop an internal service-based alert system.

Rockwell Automation is an unusually diverse company. Approximately 30% of its staff are women, and 36.7% are minority-group members. Most employees belong to the Democratic Party, and fewer than 1% are members of other parties. The average salary for a Rockwell Automation employee is $75,213, and a 5.2-year tenure is common. Unlike some of its competitors, Rockwell Automation has a relatively low gender and racial diversity.

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