Moonshot Crypto – What You Need to Know Before Investing

Moonshot Crypto – What You Need to Know Before Investing. MOONSHOT is a self-regenerating deflationary automatic liquidity protocol. Currently, MOONSHOT is available on traditional centralised exchanges. However, if you’re interested in acquiring MOONSHOT and would like to learn more about it, read this article. You’ll learn about its unique referral system, low market cap and continuously rising price floor. Here are some things to look for before investing.

Moonshot is a deflationary, self-regenerating automatic liquidity providing protocol

When the moonshot crypto project was first launched, there was a seemingly unlimited supply of tokens. As such, it’s considered a deflationary form of digital money. As the number of transactions increased, more tokens were added to the system, lowering volatility and increasing net worth. However, despite its many benefits, the technology has yet to see widespread adoption.

Moonshot Crypto
Moonshot Crypto

In the meantime, the Moonshot token is listed on the Binance Smart Chain Network and has its own blockchain. Although the Moonshot token is not listed on any major exchanges, it was recently listed on the P2PB2P exchange. Those interested in trading this coin can do so through a browser-based wallet that requires BNB. The swap process is easy, with just 11% slippage. If you’re interested in learning more about the Moonshot token and how it works, check out the official website.

While there are many crypto assets out there, Moonshot is perhaps the most unique. Its deflationary nature allows it to reward its holders for holding it. In essence, Moonshot pays out money to its holders through out-static rewards. Moreover, the total supply of Moonshot is steadily declining. This means that the Moonshot protocol is a great way to use cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange.

It has a unique referral system

The unique referral system offered by Moonshot Crypto allows investors to earn extra money just by referring other investors. This referral system is self-regenerating and automatic and is coded into every transaction. 4% of the transaction value is paid to the MoonShot holder and the remaining 6% goes into the liquidity pool. This process keeps the price floor consistent, reducing volatility. Applicants will receive loan offers in the form of emails and sometimes a promissory note.

The referral program of Moonshot crypto is unique, in that users earn a percentage of each transaction they make. The more referrals you refer, the higher your net worth. You can also spend your Moonshot on the NFT marketplace, NFT collections, or your own merchandise. This deflationary crypto is a great option for those concerned with the economy and the environment. Its supply started at one quadrillion, but over 40% of it has already been burned.

It has a low market cap

When considering investing in cryptocurrency, the market cap of Moonshot Coin is relatively small. With a total market capitalization of less than $1 billion, Moonshot is a potential 100x moonshot. While it is not widely traded, it has a low APY (as of writing). This low market cap makes it a safe moon killer. The fastest growing exchange of the Moonshot coin is Quickswap, which is only 2.49 percent.

KTLYO is another Moonshot crypto, with a market cap of $120 million and a 24-hour trading volume of $2.72 million. With a limited supply and a low market cap, KTLYO has a great upside potential. This cryptocurrency uses a blockchain to connect the world, requires no download, and allows daily transactions. It is a low-risk investment opportunity that could double in the short to medium term.

It has a continuously increasing price floor

The most notable feature of Moonshot crypto is its continuous increase in price floor. Every time a transaction is made using Moonshot tokens, 4% of the value of each transaction is distributed among the holders of the token. This mechanism helps maintain low volatility in the market, and create a continuously increasing floor price. The Moonshot protocol was launched on March 29, 2021 and has a 30% burn rate at the time of launch. Moreover, the circulating supply of Moonshot will keep decreasing forever, as a small amount of each transaction is burned.

Buying Moonshot requires you to have a bitcoin or Ethereum account. After confirming your account, you can buy Moonshot on any major cryptocurrency exchange. You can purchase the cryptocurrency with a credit card or a bank account. A successful MoonShot purchase requires you to hold the token for at least a year. If you are unsure about your investment strategy, consider holding on to it until the price floor is reached.

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