Benefits of a PMA Crypto Audit

PMA Crypto Audit is a professional service which helps you optimize your landing page to convert visitors into investors. We can audit your landing page and identify critical mistakes, configure tracking, and design effective advertising. Moreover, our professional service helps you increase your investment conversion rate. To get a PMA Crypto Audit, simply register on the website of the association. Afterwards, you can use the service to improve your landing page. Listed below are some of the benefits of using PMA Crypto Audit.

PullPayment Protocol has been audited by 1 security company

PumaPay is the owner of the PullPayment smart contract. This smart contract holds the ETH required to fund “executors” – a third party that will authenticate transactions and perform the payment. PumaPay can also transfer these funds from one wallet to another with the consent of both the customer and merchant. With PumaPay, you will never have to pay transaction fees when making payments.

PMA Crypto Audit
PMA Crypto Audit

PumaPay has developed a comprehensive blockchain solution that includes a cutting-edge cryptocurrency billing infrastructure and recurring payments for the Ethereum network. PumaPay has built an easy to use solution for both merchants and shoppers. The protocol has several features that make it popular in the cryptocurrency market. Its flexible interface allows merchants to create and design their own payment scenarios and offers flexible recurring payments of fixed amounts, pay-per-use, and restricted payments.

Changes to cryptographic audit document

If a CA is not able to provide certificates of a high enough standard, it may be relegated to inactivity, or its operation may be terminated for convenience, contract expiration, re-organization, or other non-security related reasons. In this case, it must make reasonable efforts to inform certificate subjects of the termination, though they may continue to consider the certificates they have issued valid. It also must delete audit, archive, and data recovery material. Upon termination, the CA must notify PMA and cease operations.

Vulnerability assessments are performed manually

Vulnerability assessment refers to the testing process that is used to identify weaknesses and assign a severity level. There are various techniques that can be used to perform a vulnerability assessment, including automated and manual methodologies. In general, vulnerability assessments focus on comprehensive coverage, risk-based approaches, and target different layers of technology. The following is an overview of the three types of vulnerability assessments. Depending on the type of vulnerability, they may include one or more of the following methods:

PMA Crypto Audience helps to audit your landing page

If you’re looking for a way to increase conversions on your website, PMA Crypto Audience can help you. This software will help you track and measure your landing page’s effectiveness by collecting and analyzing data from various sources. If you have an active landing page, you can also set up Google Analytics to track progress. Using this tool will help you see how your landing page is performing and make necessary changes to improve conversions.

A successful landing page should be simple and easy to find. If possible, make the CTA button prominently visible. Try using a fixed header bar with a link to the form or click-through page. Performing an audit of your landing page will cost you less money than filing taxes, and it will yield better results in your online advertising campaign. PMA Crypto Audience is available in three different plans to meet your unique business needs. All of them take the guesswork out of building, optimizing, and converting your landing page.

It develops extremely effective and creative advertising

The PMA Crypto Audience is an advertising platform that uses Big Data and retargeting in social networks to target ads on 500 cryptocurrency websites. This platform reaches 1 billion banner impressions each month and actively promotes ICOs. In fact, 40 ICO projects have purchased this advertising product, which has helped them raise over 40 million dollars. But it’s not just the ICO projects that benefit from the Audience’s services.

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